Lucid Launcher



How to get your Icon Theme to Work on Lucid Launcher

If you are having problems applying your icon theme from within LL settings, here is what is needed:

1. You must have this as an intent filter. This is the same as Apex Launcher:
<action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />
<category android:name="com.anddoes.launcher.THEME" />

2. You must have the following inside of appfilter.xml depending on your needs:
<iconupon img1="iconupon" />
<iconback img1="iconback" />
<iconmask img1="iconmask" />
<scale factor="0.95" />

<item component="ComponentInfo{com.powerpoint45.lucidbrowser/com.powerpoint45.lucidbrowser.MainActivity}" drawable="apps_lucidbrowser" />...etc

Note: Lucid Launcher currently does not support more than one iconmask, iconback, or iconmask

How to Apply your Icon Theme from within your App

Inside of the method where the button is to apply the icon theme to Lucid Launcher, simply add this:

Intent lucidLauncherThemeIntent = new Intent("com.powerpoint45.action.APPLY_THEME", null);

lucidLauncherThemeIntent.putExtra("icontheme", getPackageName());




catch(Exception e){


System.out.println("Lucid Launcher and Lucid Launcher Pro does not exist");


Contact me if you would like a Lucid Launcher beta APK so you can test it out. 

How to add Color Filters to your Icon Packs

Lucid Launcher uses a unique way of applying color filters and is much less complicated if you are familiar with PorterDuffColorFilter. All you have to do is provide the color and the filter mode from within appfilter.xml. Here is an example:

<filter color="#6E97F6" mode="MULTIPLY />

In addition to the filter modes listed in above link, you may also use "DESATURATE" in order to make the icon gray-scale. I created a simple app that will help out icon theme developers to choose the right mode and color. Check it out on the Play Store.

Note: Only one color filter can be applied in a single icon theme.

Note: Keep this XML line within BEFORE the iconmask, iconback, and iconupon lines or it may not be applied.

Can I use Lucid Launcher in my ROM?

Absolutely! You are free to use Lucid Launcher in your ROM but not Lucid Launcher Pro. If you happen to use Lucid Launcher in your ROM I would love to hear from you as I am always interested in people's work. If you would like a customized version of Lucid Launcher I am also willing to create a custom version for your ROM.