Lucid Launcher



How it Started

Lucid Launcher was never meant to get as far as it is. It was only meant to be a small project for myself. I began creating it back in 2013 and slowly developed it. A few people saw it and urged me to put it up on the Play Store. At that point it lacked many features such as basic things like widgets on the home page, shortcuts, and icon theming. I put up a thread on XDA about my launcher and within a small period it got featured on the XDA portal. This is what jump-started the development. This was a huge moment for me because before then I only had a couple of games and tools on the Play Store only getting 1 to 2 downloads a day. Now my launcher got 1000 + downloads in one day! I met a few people online that were excited about my project and they helped me with design and other components. I began working non-stop on the project. My team and I decided to come out with a major update on February 14 2014 (Valentines Day) which included some amazing changes as well as a whole new look. This brought much attention to the new launcher. I began a community on Google + for anyone who wanted to help, post bugs, or post suggestions. Soon later I had a whole fan base. The more popular the launcher got, the more demanding and harsh reviewers were. I was not used to all of it so it really got in my head and bothered me. Thankfully I had a whole community who backed me up, appreciated my work. and helped me out. I began paying attention mostly from what the community wanted and soon enough I had a launcher that was pleasing to most. And now at the point I am, I am proud of my work and hope others will try it out and love it as well. It is a new experience. Unlike most other launchers, Lucid Launcher was developed from scratch with multiple unique features. Some of those features include vertical scrolling home pages and a built in web browser that can be accessed by swiping (the browser can also be disabled). I also have created a separate browser app taken from Lucid Launcher named Lucid Browser. I hope you will check out my work! Have a terrific day!

Full list of Pro Features

  • More main page scroll animations
  • App drawer sorting options
  • Search icon actions
  • Custom search text
  • Custom sidebar theme
  • Ability to hide the sidebar app labels
  • Home page scroll animations
  • More folder icon styles
  • Inside folder color option
  • Inside folder app label color
  • Home page gesture to swipe up
  • Home page gesture to double tap
  • Sidebar swipe up gesture
  • Sidebar swipe down gesture
  • No ads
  • App badge count
  • Ability to enable first letter search
  • App size tends to be smaller due to the absence of Ad libraries

App permissions for Lucid Launcher

Device Administrator: this app uses the device administrator permission for the purpose of setting up gestures or a shortcut to lock the screen

Contacts: this permission is used only for the purpose to allow for searching contacts from the searchbar when the search contacts option is enabled

Phone: this permission allows for direct dial shortcuts to work within the launcher

Photos/Media/Files: permissions in this category allow for the ability to create/overwrite backups from advanced settings and to save images from within the built in browser

Other: permissions in this category allow for the app to access the internet exclusively for the built in browser, control vibration for long presses, and to expand/collapse the status bar for the use of certain gestures/shortcuts

Privacy Policy

The app itself does not collect any information from any user. All of the permissions required for the app are for additional functionality such as searching contacts, launching shortcuts, and using the built in web browser.

The free version uses Google AdMob and/or MoPub and Google Firebase, so AdSense/AdMob/MoPub/Firebase have its own data collection which we cannot control.
Shortcuts from other apps could collect information but that should be written in there own privacy policy. 

Lucid Launcher is required to occasionally acquire your general location via IP address over the service. This is used for ad targeting, but we do not collect your location data.

The built in web browser has different choices for your search engine. Each search engine may have their own type of data collection which we do not maintain. This also goes for any website you visit at all.

Local Storage
The app also uses different types of application data caches such as storing your browser instance data locally for quick startup next time the app is started.

Rights & Distribution 
We reserve rights to modify this policy whenever needed, but the latest version will be on this page. Unauthorized distribution of Lucid Launcher is not allowed.