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Lucid Launcher is small but packed with features!

Built in Browser

The built in browser is what made this launcher so unique to start with. You can simply scroll directly into a custom made browser. This can be disabled by long pressing on a home page and selecting "manage screens". Next long press on the browser page and choose "remove".

Icon Theme Support

This launcher supports custom icon packs. At the time, It will only work with icon packs that support Apex Launcher. To apply an icon theme, enter settings and choose "Icon Theme". Next simply select an icon pack.  If you are an icon pack developer, Click here for help.

Favorite Apps Sidebar

Lucid Launcher includes a unique sidebar that allows you to place your favorite apps. To open the sidebar you can swipe from the left of the screen or click the three line button in the top left of the actionbar. To add an app go into the app drawer, long press on an app and choose "add to favorites". The sidebar can be disabled from within sidebar settings.

Separate Layouts for Landscape and Portrait

This is another feature that makes Lucid Launcher unique. You get a separate home page layout for landscape and portrait. This way you can have different apps on the homepage in portrait and landscape. An upcoming addition will allow you to link layouts.

Vertical Scrolling

Vertical scrolling is a feature unique to Lucid Launcher. It allows you to have vertical scrolling home pages.

Easily Accessible App Drawer 

The app drawer is always available when you need it. You can simply swipe right into the app drawer. 

App Edit Functionality

Lucid Launcher allows you edit apps and shortcuts individually. This provides a way to change the icon as well as the label.

Contact Search

When enabled from drawer settings, you may search the drawer and contacts will be included in your results

Love and Hard Work

Learn what it took to make this launcher how it is today from the about section